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The Home Inspector, LLC is owned and operated by InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) Brad Wentz. At The Home Inspector, we believe that customers deserve the very best in patience and customer care as well as in the quality and professionalism of their inspection. Each home inspection we conduct carefully adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics established by InterNACHI, the largest association of certified home inspectors.

Leave the Home Inspection Feeling Confident

Home Inspections can be intimidating for anyone, especially first-time homebuyers. There is a lot of information to take in, and some home inspectors don’t seem to care too much if the customer understands it all or not. At The Home Inspector, we take our time with each and every customer to explain the home and our findings in understandable ways. By offering this knowledge to the homebuyer, we are ensuring that they are well-equipped to make future decisions about the home and can effectively communicate with the realtor or seller. If customers have further questions after they receive their home inspection report, they are encouraged to call us at any time.


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You’re in Control with Interactive Home Inspection Reports

The home inspection reports used at The Home Inspector are digital reports complete with hi-res photos and video for the most comprehensive information possible. These reports are available to our customers just 24 hours after the inspection and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. Most importantly, these reports put the home-buyer in control with HomeGauge’s Create Request List (CRL) feature. This tool allows the buyer to put together a project list of issues found in the home and how they should be resolved. This list can then be easily shared with the realtor or seller, making communication easier for everyone involved.

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